Dungeon Hunter 5 for Windows 8

A casual RPG game taking the perspective of an adventurous bounty hunter

  • Category:

    Role Playing

  • Works under:

    Windows 10 / Windows 8.1

  • Program available in:In English
  • Program license:Free
  • Vote:
    5.4 (10)

Dungeon Hunter 5 is a free to play role playing game available for Windows.

There's some interesting stuff in Dungeon Hunter 5. It is a decent looking game with good mechanics, which isn't always the case in free to play games. There's also some pretty useful upgrade mechanics in the game that could probably use a little more love. There's nothing you haven't seen before here, though, and nothing that you won't see again and again in this genre of free RPGs. This game is a good example of its genre, but it isn't much more than that and doesn't seem to want to be more.

Every possible free to play annoyance is present in this game. Content is gated behind purchases. Microtransactions are omnipresent. You'll have to stay online all the time, just to make sure that you can consistently give money to this company. All of that would be almost forgivable, if the game was more fun. Unfortunately, your hard-earned cash will simply be going to make sure that you can play repetitive missions as often as possible, with the end goal of spending even more money on the game.

Dungeon Hunter 5 is not a good game, nor is it a bad game. It is a distraction at best, and a nuisance when it is at its worst. You can pick it up and play for free to a point, but prepared to spend real money if you actually enjoy the game. By the time you spend the necessary money on microtransactions, though, you could have bought a much better game.


  • Looks better than one would expect
  • >
  • Bite-size missions for quick game play


  • You will have to pay to win or see most content
  • Very repetitive
  • Requires a data connection at all times

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